When you haven’t prepared for what happens…..

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How do we “live with asperger’s” in uncertain times?
How can you be “normal” in unpredictable situations, such as the year 2020? 2021?
What’s normal like in a world that is pushing a “new normal”?
Do we even know what “normal” is”?
Is there a normal, or is what’s being called “the new normal” really abnormal?

*HFAI – High Functioning Autistic Individual
C0vid is so 2020. So what’s holding back the world?

Life is unpredictable, so what do we do?
Those of us with aspergers / HFAI generally live and excel our best if things are predictable and scheduled, and things play out as we set them up.
People on and off the spectrum of autism both work best with scheduling and planning, however those of us on the spectrum…..generally require a schedule and plans to succeed.
Even if we’ve learned to live with abnormality in life, a schedule and set plans could help drastically change things for the better.
Routine definitely keeps us ticking.
It’s actually an aspie’s superpower – working on a routine and the ability to do things in a repetitive fashion, over and over and over. Like any one of my sons who play the same game, talk about the same thing, tell the entire story of world war whatever and how the whoever invaded whoever else. That’s a routine they developed. It was their prerogative, so they made that their interest and thus their focus. Now if only it were that easy to get children to do their house chores…….

    Set a plan, write it down, make goals and always keep the end in mind and you’ve got it made!

When we aspies focus on a single subject and keep our focus razor sharp, stuff gets done just as we planned.
Life happens though, so at times planning has to happen around children, spouses, significant others, pets and just life in general – life is gonna happen around us – only we determine how our focus is spent.

Not everyone though has been able to live as they want or planned, and a lot of the obstacles in our way are right on our shoulders- our minds are everything.

Someone now very close to me was once upon a time unable to keep track of daily life, or even have a life due to the things that happened in life that couldn’t be avoided at the time.
I now work with that person daily to help them get through the things that matter most, their schedule and their advancements.
While other people have not believed in her, debased and insulted her, there are no insults or debasings from me.
This person is my wife. – we’ve helped each other grow, she’s helped on my website by telling me how much what I do matters, and why it matters.
We help each other with priorities and daily needs.
Both of us have asperger’s.

A lot of times in abusive situations (between family members, relationships, whatever the situation may be), people, especially those with aspergers get lost in a world of *other* people’s emotions and end up embracing them as their own because of how we learn from and repeat others.
Though we are able to get through those things, it may take a very long time to overcome the experiences we live/d. Retraining ourselves for a new behavior, belief or understanding of something can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

As for the things going on in the world today – structure has been eroded by societal directors, by the ones in power.
This “new normal” is only in the minds of the people who want us to live that way, or because it’s on every media platform anywhere – in a lot of people’s minds as an absolute.
There’s really no reason to change the entirety of how you live for the rest of the world, or because sanctions have been imposed on those who act within their own capabilities or thoughts.

I’m here to tell you, normal is the way it was before 2020 – before people had started being forced into their homes and called out for wanting to participate in society.
Life is the same as it was before 2020, and after will be the same. It’s really a great time to be alive! Please, keep your goals alive – keep pressing onward, it’s a wonderful time to exist. Don’t let your dreams die!

Scheduled events, planning out our days and time and using a planner is one of the best things we can do as autists or aspies. A bit of change here and there is okay, especially if we know beforehand.

Changing life entirely, well that’s up to us. It’s not up to anyone saying “this is the new normal”.
No, I determine my future, I determine what I do, and that I have created my future in my mind.

—If you need help, feel free as always to ask—
Asperger’s Assistance is here to help those on the autism spectrum, and those who may be or think they are or know someone who is.
—Don’t give in to hopelessness—
It’s never hopeless, especially when it seems like it’s most hopeless. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! No tunnel is endless.

Humans need contact with other humans, and it’s something people like those of us who are socially awkward are particularly attracted to – having attention, and if that isn’t true, then spending time doing what we love most.

Despite what the government and media are throwing in our faces, especially now, People require contact, physically between each other.

Live your life, and have friends, go places, see things – experience nature, human contact, and other people.
That’s what we were born to do, really. Experience life the best we can.

—Do what you’ve always done—
The people who put this show on – the global pandemic – made it out to be the worst thing that’s ever happened.
Fortunately, for people paying attention – that is not the case, and it’s just like the flu that happens every single year.
If you went to one of these so-called crowded hospitals in 2020, you’d probably be in an empty or nearly empty building, with little to no people around. Crowded, packed hospitals never really existed. The media would have you believe that’s the way it was, but not so.
My sister was one of those laid off because there wasn’t enough work, but on TV – they said the hospital was packed.
A handful of corporations excrete the same stories, the same information, the same, emotion-grabbing “facts” that are all the same.
Maybe a few different words here and there.
There are still a few able-to-be trusted sources though, and generally they do not have three-letters in their name.

Facts matter.
The new normal is not _OUR_ normal.
Our normal is the same as it’s always been.
The change makers – the pushers behind the push to a new normal would like to disrupt your routine and make sure you never reach your goals.
But hold fast, don’t give up, keep doing what you’re doing, I believe in you!
For decades, I didn’t hear those words, so now I share them with you, my readers.
I believe in YOU.
You can do it!
Keep on keeping on!

And remember, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man(or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise.

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