What exactly is Aspergers Assistance?

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So, today I decided to write about what exactly I am providing here at Asperger(s) Assistance.

Assistance for people with High Functioning Autism

(aka) Asperger(s) Syndrome.

A lot of people on the Autism spectrum with High Functioning Autism have plenty of ideas about what they want to do in life or how they intend to do it. But the struggle many of us encounter is getting there. Chasing your dreams becomes exactly that:
-not getting anywhere, but continuing to believe you can………..one day. Or, I’ll be there, one day.
I’ve known so many brilliant people with disabilities, quite a few of them at my place of employment – that I’ve gotten to know people from all over the spectrum and function of autism as well as other developmental disabilities and cognitively impairing events in life.

Many of the skills I have or use on a daily basis I had to learn as a result of some pain or growing-up that I experienced within the last 5 years. 2015 was really the start of my “learn what reality is”. My awakening.
I’ve studied Asperger’s and myself – since 2009 or earlier, trying to figure out who I am and why, and how to stop being what the world identifies as “developmentally disabled”. I have largely been successful in this endeavor.

The issue I have constantly faced, as I have also seen other people with aspergers suffer – is the inability to finish things, or stay committed to a project until it’s entirely finished. For a lot of us, the reason is that we keep coming up with ideas or thoughts, but never finish what we start because it’s just a constant spout of ideas. A volcano of aspirations if you will. This led to a few people telling me how to be more organized.

One of the major parts of this site is offering what I’ve learned or have seen others learn – how to overcome Asperger’s’ / High Functioning Autism behavior and mentality. That brings me to the next part of this…

ASD to ASD – advice from Autism Spectrum Disorder sufferers for others with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A place to find information or assistance from people with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome – that’s what will be in my ASD to ASD section.
Also, eventually, a forum where you can meet others with Asperger’s Syndrome and other Autism Spectrum disorders.

This site will have several new and exciting features I’ve never actually seen at another site of this kind before – Just wait until you see them all!

How do I meet people (To love, befriend, and just be social)?

I have a propensity for sharing information, it’s one of my favorite things 🙂
I will discuss how to meet people, how to keep people involved with you, how to make connections… at a later date.

How do I get and keep friends, and make social connections?

Many people with High Functioning Autism feel like they have friends one minute, and the next, no one even wants to talk with them or the world is against them.
It’s common for people with ASD to be afraid of being social at all because we don’t even know how to interact with ourselves!
Let’s talk about how to change that, what we go through and how to deal with the things we deal with.

What is appropriate in different social settings / situations?

A lot of people with Asperger’s specifically may have difficulty interacting with others – this is one of the challenges of Asperger’s and one of the most identified-with symptoms of an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome.

What are the struggles of autism and how do I overcome them?
Who can I discuss my struggles with?

This is something I’ll be working on implementing – chat, questions, a sort of “share your autism story” section…


Autistic people, whether identifying as Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism all can use Aspergers Assistance at some point.
There’s a place locally – called The Momentum Center for Social Engagement –  that seems up to the challenge.
They do a lot of things for people with mental and physical disabilities, and that’s one of the places that really helped me open up and be myself – a place where I truly could call my “home away from home” aside from nature.  I can make friends there and not be judged for being me!

Another place I’ve learned of that helps with the process of societal integration, or interacting with the world is called Peckham. They provide jobs and opportuniities to people with disabilities.
It’s a pretty neat place, but I don’t feel that they have enough resources for people trying to figure out how to live.
Peckham is a place of rehabilitation – they help you with the skills needed to have a job.
They also have a training program through Goodwill – and provide certification and computer skills for people who want a job doing technical support or customer service. They also have other jobs and various locations around the USA. Peckham has recently introduced a teleworking program – and people from around the US have been able to work with their disabilities and still have a job.
There are similar programs available within researching distance online and I’ve thought about creating my own job program before.

One of the plans I have eventually is to have a physical location – a Drop-in center of sorts, where you can interact safely, make friends, decompress, compress, wind down, or be goofy, it really doesn’t matter.
If you have to suppress yourself around the entire world, this can be your place of refuge.
I don’t feel like anyone should have to hide their true self, however there are certain ways one is expected to behave in different situations.

Most people with autism that I’ve met – whether high functioning, super high functioning, or classic autism, don’t have a place to learn how to interact with the world or to train us on how to “be normal”. Or, in other words…. interaction with neurotypicals, or even other people with a diagnosis of anything.

All of these things are in my plans.



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5 Responses

  1. Kirsti says:


    I’m so happy I found your website as I also have Asperger’s syndrome and I wasn’t diagnosed until I was a grown-up. Because of the late diagnosis, I’ve struggled a lot in my life without any support.

    Your plans sound wonderful! I love the idea of a drop-in center for Autistic people. A place to socialize in a safe and Asperger-friendly way, what an amazing thought. I wish we had something like that here in Finland.

    Keep up the good work and chase your dreams!


  2. Christine says:

    Those are wonderful plans! I think it is important to have a drop in place where you can reach out to other people with Asperger’s Syndrome. For me, it is hard to understand what it is like, but I do know that people can often make comments that are supposed to be “well-meaning” but usually end up being the wrong (or a hurtful) thing to say.

    A site like this where you can connect and relate with others is awesome! And I wish you all the best with it. I hope that it will reach many people!

    • Justin Gargano says:

      Yes, I have had these ideas for a very long time, and just recently decided it was time to act on them. 
      I took some time to develop me while I was learning what exactly I wanted. 

      I have a lot of plans that I will continue to develop as well, because I exist to help others. 
      You are right that people can have comments or share opinions or thoughts that can be misunderstood. For someone on the spectrum though especially, it’s important for us to realize that not everyone thinks the same or has the same opinion. That’s something that I didn’t understand for a long time. 

      Thanks, Christine!  
      Check back later for more! 

  3. Lucas Moore says:

    Thank you for the clear explanation that you have given here. Every child is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all  approach. Your doctor might need to try a few therapies to find one that works. i do think that Some families also see a counselor to help them deal with the challenges of living with someone with Asperger’s.

    • Justin Gargano says:

      Being clear has definitely been a process I’ve been learning and continuing to improve as someone on the spectrum 🙂 
      Thanks, Lucas! 

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