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Asperger’s Assistance is  the place to find information, supplements, tips and tricks about what people can do to help themselves or someone they know
with an autism spectrum disorder.
It’s the leading resource for Asperger’s and autism assistance online.

We also have a new Marketplace – Missing Pieces, designed to help those on the autism spectrum to be able to buy and sell  things. This is a feature being worked on which will come soon.
Opportunities for people with autism seem to be few and far between, and often those who suffer from an autism spectrum disorder have trouble in a traditional job setting.
Maintaining a traditional job is often very difficult for people suffering from autism spectrum disorders.
That’s why we thought of this marketplace! People on the spectrum can buy and sell, here – whether it’s someone inputting information for them, or themselves.

As a survivor of Asperger’s, I learned that there are many over-the-counter and natural remedies one can take for remediating the symptoms of asperger’s, and many techniques and information one can use to help them live through Asperger’s syndrome and other related Autism Spectrum disorders.

There’s also many, many techniques one can use to change the way the body and mind react to what is called autism or asperger’s syndrome.
Everything I recommend for healing or treating autism that comes in supplement form, I’ve tested myself.

Thanks for visiting! See you again soon!



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