How or where can I get aspergers help?

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Reaching for help
Most people who are new to Asperger’s don’t really know where to get aspergers help. There are not many support groups, and even if you can find a website dedicated to being all about asperger’s syndrome, you still may not be able to find meetups or actual groups to talk about it, to meet other aspies, or to learn how other people deal with it.

This website is dedicated to changing that, among other things.

Aspergers help

So, where to start…

Are you new to your diagnosis?
Still learning all about asperger’s syndrome? I’m certain if you are the one with aspergers, you probably haven’t gotten much in the way of assistance, especially not in the new “autism spectrum of disorders” world.
The DSM/5 changed things and so…. asperger’s isn’t really a diagnosis one gets anymore – at least not for prescription purposes or disability purposes. I have aspergers, and lemme tell you, it was quite a journey getting where I am today.
Still, I don’t know a lot of people with aspergers, and had almost no help when I first learned about it.

To some, aspergers is a part of life. It may be something you feel you were born with.There are others like myself who have been searching for a way to rid ourselves of the negative symptoms of our aspergers minds. ADD, ADHD, social issues, tics, repetitive behaviors, etc.
Whether you were born with aspergers, or like my oldest son – turned into someone with asperger’s symptoms over a period of a few days after getting a vaccination – it really doesn’t matter. You’re here because you’re looking for assistance, for help. I understand.

What kind of asperger treatment or assistances are there?

If I were asked: what are the options available to people with Asperger’s syndrome / ASD, I’d have to say that there are a lot of different methods for treating the symptoms, however, not a lot of ways to heal it, and make the symptoms go away, not just temporarily, but long-term. I feel like that is something not unique to people with asperger’s syndrome – wanting their afflictions to be gone, and to live a normal, unaffected life.

There are medications, herbs, supplements, programs, different therapies, hypnosis, meditations, subliminal messages, isochronic tones, brain stimulation devices, healing audios, and things like grounding – all stuff that’s good for treating and working with the autism spectrum of disorders. All of those things are not specific to autism, but they all work for it.
Each person is different, though so what works for one may not work for another. There are, undoubtedly certain things that are universal and work for everyone (such as changing one’s paradigm and way of thinking). Certain bodies have different tolerances for things than others.
Also, the method of treatment deliveries can be different for different people.

For example, a brain stimulation audio – isochronic or binaural audio could also be delivered through a TCDS device – a Trans-cranial Direct Current stimulation device. It can be used WITH or without audios as well.

Asperger treatments are different for adults than in children – back when I first was diagnosed with asperger syndrome, it was known that I had ADD and ADHD for years previously


Types of remedies and assistance for asperger syndrome

/\Here’s what I wanted to feel like during high school and earlier – but couldn’t figure out why I didn’t fit or belong. It wasn’t too bad, I wish I learned (or knew how to learn, or pay attention to the important things) a LOT more, wish I had more real friends, but now I feel like if I had been the same as everyone, I wouldn’t have learned what I know today.  /\

One size fits all is not possble with asperger’s – I have 5 boys that all have asperger’s to some degree. My youngest exhibits the most symptoms.

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of remedies for asperger’s. It depends really on what you’re looking for. There are those who have said to have cured their symptoms, and that’s what I’ve been after, for 13 years now. I even worked at a health foods store to see what people knew on the subject, and – working there was able to develop a strong relationship with the owner who helped me learrn quite a bit about health and what individuals need for their health in general.

Remedies for asperger’s depend on the reason you want the remedy. If you want to completely “stop being an aspie” or feel like you wanna just be like everyone else because life sucks otherwise, I understand, I was there once.
I have researched deeply into this as well, but have not met anyone else like myself willing to go to that length. Contact me through my webpage or email at if you want to talk about the things I’ve found out more thorough healing of symptoms.

If you simply want to get through the days being able to focus and complete something, check out my page on supplements that I recommend either due to personal experience or from word of mouth that help to do just that.

For bipolar and anxiety, also check out my supplements page.

In the end, there’s a lot to think about

when working with Asperger’s and healing or keeping the symptoms we have at bay. A lifestyle change can help, different routines can help, supplements can help and therapies and treatments can help. One can also think about going the way of completely getting rid of whatever symptoms plague you instead of treatments, but – as I mentioned before, not everything works the same for everyone, though I do believe that certain things help everyone, just to different degrees, and it depends on how one applies themself.

There’s also the route of self-help, which I only in the last few years learned about. That’s been my most exciting endeavor yet, as that is how I arrived here in the first place! 🙂
Watch for that, therapetics, remedies and supplements in a future update! Until then, thanks for checking out my site and be sure to sign up for an account to keep updated with the latest in asperger assistance.

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