Aspergers treatments

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The idea of this page is to provide aspergers treatments and options to those looking for ways to “deal with” the symptoms presented in aspergers and/or high functioning autism. Some of these may be simple annoyances or more severe things such as tics, habits, health related to symptoms, and things that are comorbidly present with ASD.
I would like to discuss all of that here.
If you want to find out more about any of the things I discuss on this website, I highly advise using multiple sources for research as I have done over years of educating myself about myself and my peers. I’ve also known dozens of autistic people now, and visited dozens if not hundreds of websites on the subject. 
Think for yourself, don’t let someone else think for you.

 – There ARE Natural treatment options –

Diets: The one that really sticks out to me is the GAPS diet. I’ve read a lot about GAPS, and even have the book. I loaned it out to a friend with a brother who is not able to live on his own, due to autism (not high functioning).
To me this seems to be the most promising of natural ways to heal from asperger’s and autism symptoms, and I’ve met several people who have used it very successfully along with other life and behavioral changes.

GAPS DIET – the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet is an aspergers treatment that also treats many other things as well.
GAPS  – Gut and Psychology Syndrome was established by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (human nutrition) in 2004. She had worked with children with autism, ADD/ADHD Schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, ODD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder and other neuro/psychiatric issues.
Gaps is often done in 1 to 2 years, but can also be done long term. There’s a book by Dr. Natasha that describes in detail, what GAPS is, how to deal with the symptoms presented on the cover of the book, and how to heal them naturally, if not heal a lot of things-

Supplements:Supplements that you can take for autism spectrum symptoms are wide and varied as that’s conditional of the symptoms.
Broken down, you can choose individual symptoms of ASD to work with, or you can work with the entire thing – autism spectrum disorder.

Brain entrainment:Brain entrainment can be used for changing the way the brain thinks, feels, etc. It’s a way thet’s.

I have an idea for an invention that I intend to build at some point in the future – this invention will be able to restore the brain of an individual diagnosed with something such as dementia, parkinson’s (my grandfather had parkinson’s and died from it), alzheimers, etc. This invention causes the brain to “grow back” what’s missing or restore natural brain function.

There is a second part though – the second part is about assimilating information without having to “learn” through the conventional means, which takes a lot of time. The ability to know something instantaneously would be coveted by everyone, and could be used for very good things.
Currently even if I had funding to build such a thing, I don’t have a background in enginerring or electronics, and that limits me to what I can do with that.
I need electronic engineers to reach out to me to help build this device, or at least get a conversation started. This device could literally change the way learning works for those who are able to spend the money on it.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy –

One of the things that CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy does is change the way you think negatively.
It’s basically changing the way you think about certain situations so you are not negatively affecting yourself or others.
Remember –  everything, whether a thought, action, belief, understanding, a physical object whether organic or inorganic – everything is made of frequencies, and can be affected by everything else.
CBT helps to develop new ways of thinking.

Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming – 
This is another set of really awesome tools.
Anyone can be hypnotized, from my understanding. I used to believe it was a bunch of nonsense, but it actually has very valid and useful implications. If you get it in your head that you cannot be hypnotized, of course it will be extremely difficult while you fight the idea.
However, if you allow for hypnosis to work on you, it will.
There are many, MANY different hypnosis methods, including hypnosis with and without NLP, hypnosis with and without brain entrainment, specifically designed custom hypnotic trances, hypnosis sessions and music…. and hundreds of thousands of people who perfrm hypnosis and NLP.
Youtube is a great resource for this one!
Personally, I haven’t used NLP, but I have a friend who’s on the spectrum as well, who has.

— Pharmaceutical options —

Nootropics for success

Phenibut has been the nootropic that I took for social interaction, and created an ability that I had never seen in myself to get out and talk to people. As someone with aspergers, for ALL of my adult life, I had wanted to be able to just talk to people and make conversation, but most of all, to be able to be social.
Phenibut gave me that ability. I started my journey with phenibut through phenibutgod (that is a website, not a deity).
After doing research on what to use and what can help with being more social, or even being social in the first place, that is where I started and finally said.. “I’m done being unable to talk to people”.
This led to my purchasing and taking phenibut. Back in 2017 or 2016 sometime, I learned of The Momentum Center for Social Interaction. While I was there, I wanted to make friends – to socialize, meet people, and potentially meet someone to spend more time with than just to socialize.

I will update this page as more is added. There’s many, many resources available for treatment.

If you feel I’ve missed something or want to add more options, or think you would like to add treatments that I’ve missed, feel free to contact me at


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